Best beaches Elba

Most beautiful beaches Elba, best beaches Elba. Does your beach holiday prep also start like this? Is it actually true that the most beautiful beaches of Tuscany are to be found on Elba Island?

There is so much beauty on this Italian island. Let’s start with the beaches on Elba. What kind of beach fits you best? What would your top 10 look like? What you find beautiful is very personal in the end. Long sandy beaches with pine trees suitable for a child friendly holiday? White sandy beaches with special rock formations, or a diving paradise with unique rock plateaus and crystal clear water?

Our top 10 consists the beaches on Elba which you must have seen!

For us, the ‘most beautiful beaches on Elba’ are the most unique beaches. Unique by its own characteristics and beauty, stories and legends. After our previous Elba tour, this island has become one of our favourite destinations for a beach holiday in Tuscany. That’s why its time for a top 10!

1 Padulella beach

Padulella beach is located in the north of the island, not far from port town Portoferraio. A snow-white pebble beach and special rock formations with spectacular sea view! From the parking lot you reach the beach via a quite serious stair climb.

Beste stranden Elba

Padulella beach Elba

Mooiste strand Elba

Padulella beach Elba

2 Capo Sant’Andrea: Elba’s snorkeling paradise

Sunbath on smooth sanded granite plateaus. Enjoy Elba’s most crystal clear water. The colourful vegetation and marine life has convinced us: this is the perfect snorkeling spot of Tuscany!

Duiken op Elba

Capo Sant’Andrea: snorkeling paradise of Elba

Snorkelen Elba

Snorkeling on Elba

3 La Spiaggia degli innamorati: Italian love!

‘Spiaggia degli innamorati’ literally means “Lovers beach.” This love bay owes its name to a romantic but tragic legend from the 16th century. The lovers Lorenzo and Maria tried to escape by sea because their families rejected the relationship. During their escape however, Lorenzo was murdered by pirates, after which Maria drowned herself in the sea. Every year on July 14 this legend is memorialized during the festival of the in love (Festa degli Innamorati). Tip in this bay or one of the other bays of Capoliveri: windsurfing and stand up paddling.

Lovers beach

romantisch Elba

Italian love

windsurfen Elba

Windsurfing Capoliveri Elba

4 Le Ghiaie: Child friendly beach

You don’t expect it. From the port of Portoferraio you cross the road and “Eccola!” A snow-white pebble beach with slowly descending crystal clear blue water. Perfect for a child friendly beach holiday on the north side of Elba. You can get an ice cream or cappuccino on the boulevard and you can park in front of the door.

Kindvriendelijke stranden Italië

Childfriendly beach Elba

kindvriendelijk strand Elba

Le Ghiaie Elba

5 Golfo della Biodola: the Saint Tropez of Tuscany

A long gently sloping sandy beach with a beautiful green scenery and trendy beach bars. Suitable for families, couples, groups and everyone who likes a animated beach day. Tip: fish of the day or eat sushi at sunset.

mooist strand toscane

Golfo della Biodola: the Saint Tropez of Tuscany

vis eten Toscane

Dining at Golfo della Biodola

6 Capo Bianco: nice and quiet

A little further up hill than our number 1 Padullella is Capo Bianco. A beautiful white pebble beach with white high rocks in the background. Hence the name: Capo Bianco. This beach is just a little easier to reach than Padulella, a small bar at the top of the stairs before taking the steps down. A fairly quiet beach, without lined up sunbeds . Also special about this beach is that it is owned by a ‘house gull’ that likes to pose and even has its own Instagram account.

Capo Bianco strand Elba

Capo Bianco: natural peace

Huismeeuw Capo Bianco

House gull Capo Bianco

Mooiste stranden Italië

Capo Bianco: one of the most beautiful beaches on Elba

7 Spiaggia del Relitto (Pomonte): diving on Elba

Nature and beach lovers are in the right place at the “Costa del Sole.” To be found in the south of the island. The beaches Chiessi, Pomonte, Fetovaia, Seccheto and Cavoli are all part of this Costa. Special at the beach of Pomonte (spiaggia del Relitto), is that there is a shipwreck on the bottom of the sea, just a few meters from the coast, so easy to dive to!

Duiken op Elba: Costa del Sole

Diving on Elba: Costa del SoleDuiken op Elba

9 Cavoli: the most beautiful sandy beach on Elba

Cavoli is one of the most famous beaches in Elba. This because it has everything: a 300 meter fine sandy beach, a clear blue sea and cosy bars. The name comes from “Cavili”, granite blocks that were cut out of the caves back in the Roman times. Just above Cavoli you can admire the remaining parts of these granite works. Due to the easy accessibility, this beach of Elba is a beloved place among young and old.

mooiste zandstranden elba

Cavoli: most beautiful sandy beach Elbamooiste zandstranden elba

10: Fetovaia: Costa del Sole!

Fetovaia is also part of the “Costa del Sole.” Also a gently sloping sandy beach with pine forest in the background. Parking and renting a beach bed is not cheap, but you get well cared for, including a drink and a warm shower. A common stop for cyclists, since the nature park of Elba largely dominates this south west of Elba.

Fetovaia: strandvakantie Elba

Fetovaia: beach holiday and cycling holiday Elba

Zuid west Elba: fietsvakantie tip

South West Elba: cycle holiday tip

Bonus VIP tip: beach holiday with dog at Marina di Campo

Take your dog on holiday to Tuscany! Especially on Elba there are plenty of dog beaches. In the south of the island, the sandy beach of Marina di Campo is perfect for families with kids and dogs. It has a long walking path, a boulevard and nice restaurants on the beach. The long sandy beaches further down called Lacono and Laconella are also popular for a family vacation Elba.

What is your favourite type of beach? What do you find important during a beach holiday in Tuscany? Check out our best holiday home Elba and read more about the island of Elba. More tips about an Elba vacation taylor made for you? Send a message for customized advice!