Mountain biking Tuscany

Tuscany bike tour

We can’t say it enough time: “Complete your Tuscany holiday with our VIP treatments and experiences!” Followed by: “We have personally experienced everything we offer.”

Today we are testing one of our Tuscany bike tours. A mountain bike tour through the valley called “Val d’Elsa.” These beautiful green hills belong to the Florence area. We bike between the Chianti area and the Tuscan coast. Our starting point is from Villa Roxana where we slept like royals last night. We woke up with this beautiful view and after a good breakfast we are on our bikes in this early morning!

Start – Montaione Florence

We leave early, it is still a bit chilly. For now, later on for sure we will be sweating!

Toscane fietsen

fietsroutes Toscane

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From olive picking to extra vigin olive oil

I have always wanted to do this: to experience the olive oil process. From the olive harvest all the way to the pressing. Well, now that i finally have a beautiful place in Tuscany with a garden that’s more like a park and has 153 olive trees on it!


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Southern Tuscany

The wilderness of southern Tuscany, we just love it! Today we are making a tour along the south coast of Tuscany. And for the most part through the nature reserve called ‘the Maremma’. The rugged nature, the picturesque villages, the natural hot springs, the miles of sandy beaches with the clear sea water for a beach holiday… This undiscovered part of Tuscany is waiting to be discovered!


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From Elba with love

The crystal clear water of Elba, we love it every time! We had to take you with us on tour on our favourite Tuscan island. The untouched nature, the picturesque villages, the history and the crystal clear sea water … As far as we are concerned, this 224 square kilometre pearl in the Mediterranean Sea has everything to be called a paradise.

According to the legend, Venus her diadem snapped rising from the Tyrrhenian Sea and she lost 7 of her pearls. These pearls splashed into the sea in front of the Tuscan coast and turned into little islands. So now you know how the 7 islands of the Tuscan archipelago have been created :). Andiamo!


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Discovering the hills of Pisa

The ultimate feeling of freedom. The Tuscan air, the hills so green,  the flowers so aromatic, the sun so perfectly shining over the grainfields.  We are starting our day tour in our rented Fiat through the green Pisan hills. We have a number of must sees on our today’s program. But mainly we want to live the the moment, at a Tuscan slow relaxed pace!

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