Discovering the hills of Pisa

The ultimate feeling of freedom. The Tuscan air, the hills so green,  the flowers so aromatic, the sun so perfectly shining over the grainfields.  We are starting our day tour in our rented Fiat through the green Pisan hills. We have a number of must sees on our today’s program. But mainly we want to live the the moment, at a Tuscan slow relaxed pace!

Tuscany tour

Stop 1: Montescudaio: A typical Tuscan village where we stroll through the narrow streets. Walking past the typical Tuscan stone houses towards the central square we enjoy an amazing view over the green hills. This first part of our trip we follow the wine route called ‘Costa degli Etruschi’. Arriving at the central square we therefore taste the DOC of Montescudaio. The owner of the wine bar ‘Dario’ tells us that olive oil and honey are also frequently produced in this area. Thanks for the souvenir tip!

best villages tuscanyMontescudaio (Photo by Robbert Heijsman)

Tasting the Montescudaio DOC wines at the square


Best villages of Tuscany

Stop 2: Casale Marittima: We have done our homework. This medieval village is on the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy, so it was already on our must see list. Through a labyrinth of alleys we arrive at the central square, where it’s time  for an ice cream! As me continue or way to Volterra it is like we are driving through a painting…

Casale Marittimo (Photo by Robbert Heijsman)

tuscan landscape

The Pisan hills

The famous cliffs of Volterra ‘Le balze di Volterra’

The ‘Luoghi d’Esperienza’, ‘The places of experience’ of the artist Mauro Staccioli’ (Photo by Gianni Mattonai)


Stop 3: Volterra! We discover that the Etruscans (the discoverers of this city) gave the original name ‘Velathri’ to this city. It was the Romans who changed the name into ‘Volterra’ in the first century BC. At the Roman theater of Volterra we read that the city has been important for a long time because of the large amount of silver and iron in the ground. That’s not all. The hills of Volterra were ideal for agriculture.

Volterra tuscany

Volterra: Piazza San Giovanni with il Battistero and il campanile del Duomo

View from Volterra

Special sleeps

Tonight we will sleep in a super romantic tower called ‘La Torre degli Sposi’, the tower of the bride and groom. Must take our amore’s with us next time! This medieval tower is without a doubt one of the most romantic places we have ever seen..Buona notte and sogni d’oro!

tuscan castle

Romantic tower Tuscany



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