From Elba with love

The crystal clear water of Elba, we love it every time! We had to take you with us on tour on our favourite Tuscan island. The untouched nature, the picturesque villages, the history and the crystal clear sea water … As far as we are concerned, this 224 square kilometre pearl in the Mediterranean Sea has everything to be called a paradise.

According to the legend, Venus her diadem snapped rising from the Tyrrhenian Sea and she lost 7 of her pearls. These pearls splashed into the sea in front of the Tuscan coast and turned into little islands. So now you know how the 7 islands of the Tuscan archipelago have been created :). Andiamo!


Elba tour day 1: Rio Marina & Capoliveri

We still find the arrival port Rio Marina the most comfortable. We take the ferry from Piombino and within an hour we are at our destination for the upcoming days. Rio Marina is smaller and quieter than Portoferraio and overall this harbour town seems more like a painting than a real harbour.

rio Marina Elba island

Rio Marina

Elba best Island Italy

Rio Marina

Elba tour

Rio Marina Elba

elba beaches

Elba ‘lovers beach’

First we drive along “Lovers Beach”, which we have heard so much about, but still never been. “La Spiaggia degli Innamorati” owes its name to a romantic and at the same time tragic legend from the 16th century. Lovers Lorenzo and Maria tried to escape together over the sea because their families disapproved their relationship. During their escape, however, Lorenzo was murdered by pirates, after which Maria drowned herself in the sea. Every year on the 14th of July this legend is commemorated during the feast of the lovers (Festa degli Innamorati).

We drive towards the nice smelling fish restaurants of Porto Azzurro. A cosy harbour town with colorful little houses. Perfect timing, because it’s lunchtime! With nicely filled stomachs and a shot of espresso we continue our way to the romantic town of Capoliveri to discover the bay of Lido di Capoliveri and Lacona beach.

Windsurfing in Lido di Capoliveri

Canoeing in Porto Azzurro

Elba tour day 2: The ruggest west

We are on our way to the beautiful nature of the Parco Nazionale in this western zone of the Island. We would definitely like to repeat this area another time mountain-biking or hiking, it is so green! On the way we first pass the mineral museum in Rio nell’Elba and can not resist admiring the large collection of minerals in the Museo Minerali Elbani. This because the island’s large part of volcanic origin. What is this island multilateral!

Elba museum

Mineralogical Museum

Note to ourself: mtb tour on our next visit to Elba

Colle d’Orano, what a view!

Elba wines

Now that we spontaneously come across vineyards, we want to know more about the wines on Elba. We discover that Elba has an iron rich soil that leads to the production of solid, round wines. We also find that Elba excels in producing dessert wines, which we happen to be very fond of. Important Italian families such as The Medici family and the Lorena’s developed and cherished the Elba wine production in their time and Napoleon at his turn, brought in a number of new vineyards. In the meantime seven wines produced on the island are D.O.C worthy; they have earned this important certificate for their quality developed through a millennial tradition. All seven D.O.C. Elba wines: Elba Bianco, Elba Rosso, Elba Rosso Riserva, Elba Rosato and the dessert wines Aleatico Elba D.O.C. , Elba Ansonica Passito and Elba Moscato.

Aleated grapes, ripened through the air until they are perfect for the Aleatico Elba D.O.C. dessert wine production


Elba tour day 3: Napoleon in Portoferraio

Direction Portoferraio! We skip the Monte Capanne on this trip. Due to lack of time, and because we prefer to climb this mountain the next time instead of taking the cable car to the top. On our way to the port we first pass the summer house of Napoleon followed by his winter palace. The French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte was important for the island during his exile from May 4, 1814 to February 26, 1815. The island breathes Napoleon, which certainly comes in handy for the touristic sector. We come across many sights and statues in honour of the statesman during our tour. Especially in Portoferraio, that he turned from a fishing village into a real port city.

Villa Napoleon Elba

San Marino – Villa Napoleon

The beach ‘Spiaggia le Ghiaie’ with the ‘Forte Facone’ and the ‘Palazzina dei Mulini (Napoleon’s winter palace)’ in the background

Ciao Elba, a presto!

Did you become just as enthusiastic as us? From Casa Mirco Piombino is just a small drive away to make the day trip to Elba. Let us know your ideal day program in advance, then we will organize the perfect VIP daytour for you! Read more about the largest island of Tuscany on our Elba page, enjoy!

We have to turn to the mainland. This island is the place where we relax like nowhere else, so we’ll be back for sure! Most likely for a sporty getaway. There are so many sport opportunities on Elba! We have windsurfed but also want to go kitesurfing, canoeing and diving. Climbing the Monte Capanne and mountainbiking through Arcipelago Toscano National Park  are also on our list!