Best beaches Elba

Most beautiful beaches Elba, best beaches Elba. Does your beach holiday prep also start like this? Is it actually true that the most beautiful beaches of Tuscany are to be found on Elba Island?

There is so much beauty on this Italian island. Let’s start with the beaches on Elba. What kind of beach fits you best? What would your top 10 look like? What you find beautiful is very personal in the end. Long sandy beaches with pine trees suitable for a child friendly holiday? White sandy beaches with special rock formations, or a diving paradise with unique rock plateaus and crystal clear water?

Our top 10 consists the beaches on Elba which you must have seen!

For us, the ‘most beautiful beaches on Elba’ are the most unique beaches. Unique by its own characteristics and beauty, stories and legends. After our previous Elba tour, this island has become one of our favourite destinations for a beach holiday in Tuscany. That’s why its time for a top 10!

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