Terms & conditions

We need your details for booking a villa. Your details will be treated with care by Tuscan Villas VIP. Your details will be provided to parties with whom Tuscan Villas VIP cooperates to create the experience vacation, such as villa owners and excursion organizations. Your details will not be provided to other third parties.

Copyright 2018 Tuscan Villas VIP. All publications of Tuscan Villas VIP are protected on the basis of international copyright. All rights are therefore reserved. No part of the written and digital publications may be reproduced for commercial purposes and / or made public by means of print, photocopy, microfilm, internet / intranet or in any manner whatsoever without prior written permission from Tuscan Villas VIP. .

The maps on the website of Tuscan Villas VIP have been created in collaboration with Google. The photos shown on the website are made available by villa owners and professional photographers. The photos shown only serve to give an impression. Because recent (small) changes can take place, it is possible that a part of the villa deviates from the photo. Tuscan Villas VIP can never be held liable for obvious misprints. Tuscan Villas Vip reserves the right to change prices and treatments if the situation requires this. Any errors in an advertisement or any other publication will be restored on the website of Tuscan Villas Vip, so that you can always find the most up-to-date and correct information. In the description we have described our personal visit and our personal impression as clearly as possible. Tuscan Villas VIP is in no way liable for any interim changes and building activities that have been undertaken or carried out without our knowledge. This also applies to outside influences, such as (construction) activities organized by the municipality or closed restaurants without our knowledge.

Interior of the accommodation
The general information and villa descriptions on our website are as clear and fair as possible. Tuscan Villas VIP can not take responsibility for any interim changes made by the accommodation provider. Always keep in mind the differences below that your home is used to:
Wi-Fi connection is often slower
Televisions often only have Italian channels
Drinking water is provided with a lot of lime, it is advisable to buy bottles of water
The electricity network in Tuscany can be weak (always include a travel plug for Italy)

Under the tab ‘facilities’ you can find out what facilities the accommodation has. Not all facilities are free of charge, specific information about possible costs is included in the supplementary costs table. Burglary in the accommodation or the theft of your personal belongings are outside the sphere of influence of Tuscan Villas VIP.

The distances mentioned in the accommodations for the center, beach, places and cities are always measured as the crow flies. This means that the distance may differ on foot or by car. It is sometimes necessary to reach the goal via stairs or sloping roads.

The prices listed on the Tuscan Villas VIP website are per accommodation, for the number of permanent beds. At a villa 9 + 1, this means that the price is based on 9 people. The 10th person sleeps on an extra bed or on the sofa bed, this is stated in the text. For the extra person a surcharge may apply, this is indicated in the column ‘including and extra costs’. The ‘from prices’ are based on the current lowest price of the available travel dates of the relevant accommodation. In the prices VAT is included.

At the moment that you have passed on all details, you agree with the conditions and have paid in advance, Tuscan Villas VIP considers this a definitive booking. The invoice is sent to the e-mail address almost immediately after booking. If a treatment is added later, the invoice will be adjusted. Our conditions apply to changes and cancellations. A telephone booking is also a definitive booking. The booking process consists of 3 steps:
Step 1: Fill up personal information
Step 2: Extras (facultative)
Step 3: Price overview, confirmation, deposit payment
In the case of a package, after the booking confirmation and invoice, you will receive an invitation by Certo Escrow with a username and password. You will be asked to log in on it secure part of the Certo Escrow website. After confirming the invitation you can immediately proceed to payment. It is also possible to make a banktransfer. Depending on the time of booking, you will receive a request for payment of the down payment and later for last payment. If the booking is made within 6 weeks before the arrival date the entire travel sum will be paid at time of booking. For all bookings the full travel sum must be paid before departure to the Stichting Derdengelden Certo Escrow.

Thuiswinkel.org conditions
The General Terms and Conditions Thuiswinkel apply to your booking. We advise you to read this carefully.

Main responsible
The person who books a trip is jointly and severally liable (also for all others that he / she registers). With regard to minor travelers, it must be demonstrated that parents or guardians have given permission.

The deposit is 30% of the total amount. After you have completed the reservation you will pay this first deposit. Payment can be done by IDEAL, Paypal or bank transfer. Any treatments are added to the final invoice, which you pay 6 weeks before arrival. When you book within six weeks before the arrival date, you pay the total amount at time of booking. Payments of holiday packages are made via the payment environment of Certo Escrow. After the booking confirmation and invoice, you will receive an invitation by Certo Escrow with a username and password. You will be asked to log in on it secure part of the Certo Escrow website. After confirming the invitation you can immediately proceed to payment. It is also possible to make a banktransfer. Depending on the time of booking, you will receive a request for payment of the down payment and later for last payment. If the booking is made within 6 weeks before the arrival date the entire travel sum will be paid at time of booking. For all bookings the full travel sum must be paid before departure to the Stichting Derdengelden Certo Escrow.

Additional costs
In addition to the total price, you will find the Inclusive and additional costs. If you click on this, the table will appear where the ‘costs inclusive’ and the ‘additional costs on the spot’ or ‘to be paid when booking’ are stated. The ‘additional costs when booking’ only concern the costs for any booked extras.

Extras on request
Extras such as baby cots, children’s chairs, bed / bath linen, etc., must be communicated in advance if not included and marked with ‘request upon booking’. If you have forgotten this when booking, please send us an e-mail as soon as possible to reserve it. Please note that for the baby cots, the linen itself is generally required.

VIP Treatments
VIP treatments are made for you personally. We give a number of tips to the relevant villa and you can book it. A customized quote will then be sent to you about this. Is your desired treatment or experience not listed, please call or email us for a tailor-made offer. The treatment (s) will be on your invoice and will be paid together with the remaining payment.

Change accommotion
The cancellation policy will be handled for switching to another accommodation.

– After completing the invoice, you can submit the following changes up to 28 days before departure:
– Extend the travel duration on the current availability;
– Pass extra persons on the maximum allowed occupancy, against the possible corresponding surcharge;
– Correction of personal data (for name changes see ‘substitution’
– Other changes concerning data changes and the shortening of the travel duration are covered by the cancellation costs

Independence / name changes of persons are always in consultation with Tuscan Villas VIP. Tuscan Villas VIP decides together with the accommodation provider whether or not the request can be granted at extra cost.

Cancellation policy
The holiday can be canceled in the following ways: Send an e-mail with the booking number to info@tuscanvillas.vip. Note that the cancellation must be sent from the e-mail address of the main booker.
When canceling the booking the following cancellation costs will be charged:
– in case of cancellation after booking up to the 56th calendar day (exclusive) before the day of departure: 30% of the rent
– in case of cancellation from the 56th calendar day (inclusive) up to the 42nd calendar day (exclusive) before the day of departure: 60% of the rent
– Cancellation from the 42nd calendar day (inclusive) before the departure day until the day of departure (inclusive) and the premature departure from the booked accommodation: the full travel sum.

Tuscan Villas Vip is in no way liable for loss, theft, damage, accident or injury to persons or goods, for whatever reason. We also accept no liability for any incident caused by negligence. If pets are allowed and approved in advance, you must strictly follow the rules of the accommodation provider. Pets are forbidden at all times in the pool and must be in possession of a valid EU pet passport.

Travel documents
Your travel documents consist of a voucher, directions to the accommodation and general information about the place of destination. You will receive this at the specified e-mail address and you must print it yourself. You must check the details on the travel documents for accuracy. If something does not match what you have booked, you should contact Tuscan Villas Vip as soon as possible. If you have booked a flight and car rental, do not forget to check these travel documents and take them with you. This also applies to a possible travel insurance policy.

Travel documents
Check some time before you leave if your passport or identity card is still valid when you go on vacation. Having the right travel documents at all times is your own responsibility.

If you have arranged your insurance with Europeesche Verzekeringen via the link on our website, we refer to www.europeesche.nl for the exact conditions of both the cancellation and the travel insurance.

Disabled people
If you, or one of your fellow travelers, need to take a wheelchair, you must mention this at time of booking. The Villas of Tuscan Villas VIP indicate with the wheelchair icon disable facilities. Read the description carefully which facilities this concerns. Always report to Tuscan Villas VIP if there are people with reduced mobility so that the accommodation provider can be informed.

If pets are allowed and approved in advance, you must strictly follow the rules of the accommodation provider. Pets are forbidden at all times in the pool and must be in possession of a valid EU pet passport.

Arrival and departure day
Generally you can move in between 16:00 and 19:00 and you have to check out before 10:00 on the day of departure. Per villa this can be different, keep this in mind and check the times on your voucher. A surcharge may also be charged on arrival after 7:00 pm or 8:00 pm. Always call on the arrival day with your host / on-site (phone number on voucher) or send a text message to give you your expected arrival time.

Tourist tax
At a number of villas, a small amount of tourist tax has to be paid locally. When this is the case, this is indicated at extra costs. Tuscan Villas VIP is not always informed about changes in the height of the tourist tax or the introduction of tourist tax in a certain place. The prices on the website are also subject to change and it is also possible that the tourist tax is not yet available but is calculated on the spot.

At the villas, deposit must be paid locally. The amount is indicated at ‘additional costs. Please note that in most cases the deposit must be paid in cash, immediately upon arrival. You get this, if the villa is in order, return on departure. The settlement of the deposit is at all times a matter between yourself and the accommodation provider. The amount of the deposit amount may change in the interim. Tuscan Villas VIP has no influence on this.

The villas are offered based on Logies (LG): only overnight stay. Wish your breakfast, lunch or dinner always this before the holiday and contact us well before departure.

Preferences and essences
Special requests can be specified at any time at booking. Please note that special wishes are mentioned as preference (preference) and no guarantee can be given. If there is medical necessity (essence), we will do our utmost to confirm the preference.

Cultural differences
A holiday abroad means a different culture and different habits. This is one of the attractive aspects of the holiday, but also something to be reckoned with. For example, it can occur that:
– in the early and late season, shops, restaurants and places of entertainment are limited;
– you are dealing with vermin. This is generally not due to insufficient hygiene, but results from climatic conditions and / or rural location;
– the accommodation managers do not (fully) master the English language.

Lost and found
Each traveler is responsible for his / her property. Tuscan Villas VIP is happy to provide help and assistance if necessary. If you have forgotten something important in the accommodation, you can make that known to Tuscan Villas VIP

Reliable VVKR
Tuscan Villas VIP is affiliated with VVKR. Many travel specialists in the Netherlands have joined forces within VVKR (Association of Small-Scale Travel Specialists). These experience experts stand for a personal approach and are focused on small-scale tourism with respect for local culture, traditions and working methods. Customers travel in small groups or on an individual basis and spend the night in often authentic accommodations in unique locations. Our travel specialists are distinguished by their involvement and expertise. All travel organizations affiliated with the VVKR offer a form of travel guarantee on their package holidays, such as the STO, GGTO and SGR / SGRZ guarantee regulations. This means that you as a consumer are insured that you fully receive the prepaid travel funds, if the tour operator where you booked your trip will unexpectedly go bankrupt. This way you know it save to book a trip with one of the associate members.

Reliable STO

In order to meet its statutory obligation to provide a guarantee, Tuscan Villas VIP makes use of the guarantee scheme provided by STO Garant (except loose accommodation bookings). You can check that this is the case by visiting STO Garant’s website and verifying that the organisation is listed as a participant (www.stogarant.nl/en/members). You can find all information relating to STO Garant at www.stogarant.nl/en. Whether STO Garant’s guarantee applies to a particular (travel) offer made by Tuscan Villas VIP is clearly stated for that offer. The Guarantee Scheme specifies what the guarantee covers and which conditions apply. You can find the Guarantee Scheme on STO Garant’s website (www.stogarant.nl/en/downloads). If STO Garant’s guarantee applies to your booking, you do not pay the booking sum to Tuscan Villas VIP but instead into the escrow account belonging to Stichting Derdengelden Certo Escrow, a payment services provider registered with De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). This trust account holds your payment in reserve until the trip booked has come to an end. If services are not supplied (in full and/or on time) due to the financial insolvency of Tuscan Villas VIP, STO Garant implements the guarantee. The Guarantee Scheme details how you can make a claim under the guarantee in such cases.

Dissatisfied or complaints
If the whole holiday does not go as expected, report this immediately on the spot. If no one is present to whom you can go or the complaint is not resolved properly, you still have to contact Tuscan Villas VIP during the trip so that help and assistance can be provided. After the holiday it is not possible to solve problems and Tuscan Villas VIP is not obliged to handle the complaint. Complaints that were reported at the time of the trip can be submitted in writing to Tuscan Villas VIP up to one month after the last day of the holiday and treatment will be taken. You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt from your complaint and we will respond substantively within 30 days. If you do not agree with the solution or do we not come out together? Then you can submit your complaint to the Disputes Committee via the European ODR Platform (https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/).

Right of withdrawal
The right of withdrawal does not apply to all services of Tuscan Villas VIP. Services relating to accommodation on a certain date or during a certain period are excluded from the right of withdrawal.

Our Thuiswinkel Waarborg quality mark
Consumers especially know us because of our Thuiswinkel Waarborg Keurmerk trustmark. This trustmark, which online shops can only receive after finishing our certification process, stands for safe and trustworthy online shopping. It is not without reason that 90% of Dutch consumers are familiar with our trustmark logo. However, as a national e-commerce association, we do much more than just issuing a trustmark. We represent the interests of online shops on a national and international level. In addition, we support our members through free legal advice, research studies, our network, knowledge exchange, education and our review system. Finally, through our brand new Thuiswinkel e-Academy, we want to help our members’ employees to become better professionals.